In order to generate more site traffic, are more basic questions okay?

It seems like the questions lately are either mythbuster, or esoteric questions that might not have a definitive answer. Would generic questions about styles or history be beneficial to the site or is that not the goal?

Is it too general to have questions like: What is a (style X) beer? Tagged: history, Style

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Definitely okay! These types of questions are in fact encouraged. We have a few such questions out there already:

So far they appear to be tagged and . I like your suggestion as well.

I think Beer.SE is still in a flexible, forgiving phase where we're still trying to figure out what exactly is too subjective or too definitive, so don't be shy to ask any question, especially if it's a real question you or someone you know actually has about a beer. That said, thanks for asking—it helps for people to know, especially since Beer.SE still lacks a clear "What can I ask here?" FAQ.

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