I flagged a comment as rude. It was declined by the moderator and I am OK with that. I am not complaining about moderators. They do fine job and give freely of their time.

But I would like to weigh in on if you think the comment was rude

go to space, without a suit, and enjoy the buffet

To me that is go suffer a freezing death with no oxygen. I looked it up for slang and don't find it as a slang term.

The question is Flavour components in beer

Again I am OK - no real harm. I sold my space craft last year. It was getting difficult to get approval for even low orbit space flight with heightened security. So no chance of unprotected space walks.

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I'm the one who handled that flag. Here is the full comment for context:

I don't believe that chemicals in food products necessarily mean additives that are unnatural. There are lots of chemicals responsible for flavor and aroma of hops. When I add baking powder to my biscuits, that's also a chemical (actually, a few). Like I say, if you want chemical free food, go to space, without a suit, and enjoy the buffet.

In hindsight, yes, the part that you've pointed out could certainly be considered rude, and I should have accepted the flag rather than declining it. When I was initially reviewing it, though I read it several times, in its entirety I didn't see what was rude or offensive about it, given that the bulk of it was on point for the conversation. Since I didn't know at that time that it was only the final sentence at issue, I didn't think to separate it from context, and to be honest, was probably reading a bit to quickly at that point to notice that the tone changed. I'll watch that in the future.


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