Should we prefer the use of the term "head" over "foam"? I think "head" is technically more correct. If so, what should our course of action be with the tag?

Should we retag questions as ? Should be a synonym of , or is it right out?

One concern is that casually-interested askers might be confused or unaware of the term "head" and thus make mistakes with their tagging. This is easily rectifiable, but adds a level of complexity to first-time users; especially if they're looking for the foam tag and can't find it.

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Head as the tag, foam as a synonym for it.

Intuitively, 'head' feels like the correct term. And regardless of which term is correct, the other should probably be set up as a synonym for it. So, I propose Head as primary, Foam as synonym.

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    Agreed. The synonym method seems like the most helpful approach, and "head" should be preferred over "foam".
    – darwhen
    Commented Feb 3, 2014 at 9:08

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