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Can't select Beer, Wine & Spirits on Data Explorer

The problem is the & in the name of the site. The actual error thrown is: A potentially dangerous Request.Path value was detected from the client (&). Here is my local reproduction of the ...
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2 votes

One of my questions seems to be missing

The question was auto-deleted by Community. I'm not sure why that happened; while it was closed, the votes, answers, and views should have protected it from deletion. The question was locked after a ...
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2 votes

One of my questions seems to be missing

From what I can tell from reading this the issue is that the question is far to broad as it is asking for not just popular beer in a country but for every country in the world which will wield far to ...
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1 vote

Are multiple flags on the same answer possible/allowed?

I do not believe multiple flags on the same answer are possible. I believe this is just a quirk of the UI, graying out all of the high priority flag options once you've used one of them. Looking at ...
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